Student Care

School Meals Initiative

Through our participation in the DEIS programme offered by the Department of Education and Science we are fortunate in being able to provide a heavily subsidised school meals programme which includes the following;

Breakfast Club
This facility is available each morning from 8.00 a.m. to 8.50 a.m. Students arriving between these times can avail of cereal and milk, tea toast and orange juice. All of these items are provided free of charge

School Lunch / School Dinner

An extensive menu, heavily subsidised, is available each day at lunchtime, e.g. for €2.00 students can have a dinner of mashed potato, meat, vegetable, gravy plus drink. Chicken curry and rice and salad are also on offer. A selection of filled rolls, hot and cold, is also available.

Evening Snack
Students attending the Homework Club, evening Study or after school classes are provided with sandwich plus a drink at 4.00 p.m. free of charge

Supervised Evening Study

Evening Study is available to students each evening, Monday to Thursday from 4.15 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. It is supervised by teachers from the school. A light snack (sandwich and a drink) is provided free of charge to those attending the study sessions.

Student Council

The College supports a Student Council, whereby each class elects it own representative whose functions it is to communicate with the general student body. The students are involved in promoting and maintaining a disciplined society. They are encouraged as much as possible to be responsible for their environment. This is achieved through: – class elections, School Council and Pastoral Care Council.

Book Rental Scheme

The college operates a Book Rental scheme whereby, for a nominal sum, text books are provided on loan to students. This scheme is a major saving for parents / guardians in view of the ever increasing cost of schoolbooks

    • This sum also includes locker rental, 24 hour insurance cover, contribution towards photocopying and other miscellaneous expenses.
    • It does not, however, include such items as copies, workbooks, writing utensils, setsquares etc.
    • Students are required to maintain their textbooks in good condition and to return them at the end of the course for which they were issued.
  • Students will be expected to replace any damaged or unusable books.

Learning Support

A programme of Learning Support is provided for students who are in need of additional tuition in the core subjects. A full time Remedial/Intervention Service is available to support students who are in need of such support


Students are supervised from their arrival at the College in the morning until they leave at 4.00 p.m. Only those students who actually return to their homes for lunch may leave the College at lunchtime. Students may purchase lunch in the School canteen.

Pastoral Care

The College has an extensive Pastoral Care programme which aims to provide a caring supportive school community allowing for the full development of all its students. The entire teaching staff is involved in the pastoral care approach. However special responsibility is given to; Class Tutors, Support Studies Teacher, Pastoral Support, Discipline Co-ordinators, Chaplain, Guidance Counsellor, Pastoral Care Co-ordinator, and Assistant Pastoral Care Co-ordinator.

Homework Club

A Homework Club is available to Junior students each evening Monday to Thursday from 4.15 p. m. to 5.45 p.m. during which students have an opportunity to get help and guidance with their homework.

A light snack (sandwich and a drink) is provided for those attending the club.

Cara System

A “Cara” (friend) System operates where new students are adopted by a senior student to ease the transition of a new student into the College.

Guidance and Counselling

Grennan College has a professionally qualified guidance counsellor to assist students in making choices about their future. As part of this service information is provided on a wide range of careers. Students attend career seminars and open days in third level institutions.