Grennan College AGM – 7.30pm Tonight


The AGM of Grennan College will be held at 7.30 tonight (Thursday 13th October).  All parents are welcome.  Why should you get involved?

·         Information is given at these meetings which parents may like to know;

·         Likewise it is a valuable forum for questions which parents may have.

·         Our Principal, Sean Og O’Sullivan, attends many of the monthly meetings and is available to provide first hand information throughout the year to parents attending;

·         Any school policies being reviewed or introduced are brought to the Parents’ Council Meeting before being passed by the Board of Management, which is an opportunity for parents to play an active role in the school community of which they are a part;

·         At various times throughout the year, the Committee may fundraise, organise student and parent talks or provide other supports to the school and students as occurs during a normal busy school year.

Come to the AGM, bring a friend, and see what you can learn about the school your child is attending. You will be very welcome. ( Grennan College Parents’ Council)

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