TY Canoe Trip


TY Canoe Trip

On Wednesday September 6th, Transition Year students with the guidance of two teachers set out on their first trip of the year: An over-night canoe trip from Bagenalstown to Graiguenamanagh, with ‘Go With The Flow River Adventures’. This trip counted as the Adventure Journey part of our Gaisce Bronze Award. We organised the entire trip ourselves from buying all of our food to catering for 57 people!
​On the Wednesday morning, TY’s took a bus to Bagenalstown and from there we embarked on the first leg of our canoeing journey, a 15km paddle from Bagenalstown to Borris. On the first day we all soon realised just how hard canoeing really is, with one group even falling in just after we left! Despite getting off to a slow start we quickly made up ground and were going over weirs and through rapids in no time!
​Due to a few accidents along the way, an hour and a half behind schedule we all pulled into Borris and trekked very stylishly in our wetsuits through the town, down to Borris Vocational School where we spent the night. We quickly showered then left the first groups off to start the first tasks of the trip, making our dinner as well as setting and clearing the tables. After eating our pasta and having a group talk with Mr. Mc Grath and Charlie from ‘Go With the Flow’ we headed back up town for some fresh air before returning and settling in for the night.
​Day two started off bright and early with everyone eating breakfast, packing up their stuff and preparing for the day ahead. In no time we were walking back up through Borris in all of our gear embarrassing ourselves for the second time. As for a change of scenery and for a bit of motivation, Charlie decided to tell us an inspirational story in front of Borris House which had us all in a good mood before heading back out on to the water. Once again we were back at the river and in our canoes ready to take on our second leg of our trip, the 10km paddle from Borris to Graiguenamanagh! Before long we were going over weirs and falling out again just like the day before. We took a quick pit stop where students had the option to take a break or travel down a set of rapids on their backs, after this we continued on down the river singing songs happily as we went.
In no time we had arrived in Graig and after enjoying a nice swim we were back on dry land.. For good this time!
We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will remember the events of this trip for years to come. We’ve learned many new things as a result of this adventure. ​However I believe we are all in agreeance when I say that, when a canoe meets a rock.. the rock will always win.
By Ciara-Mae Somers TY A



TY Students outside Boris House.


Students on the river.

can 4

Just one group of many students unfortunate enough to fall out of their canoe!

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